First Post

After bug testing housecat and setting a theme, this site is actually up and running! This is just a status post, to get real content out instead of the filler I had before.

The final layout has taken heavy inspiration from mort, but I did add flexboxes to the layout, as well as the little RSS icon next to the home tab when you're actually in the home section of the site. There are RSS feeds for the other sections since I chose to generate per-section feeds in housecat, but I hid those away since I assume no one will ever want to subscribe to anything other than the blog page. The color scheme I ended up going with is unique, but I think it's high enough contrast to be readable and not ugly enough to hurt eyes.

I don't know if I'll ever actually write more posts, but I might. At a later date I may need to use MathJAX and some code syntax highlighting plugin to help with making posts.